Who We Are

Hunter Bitches in Charge (HBICs)

22052991_1249426701869195_1490555406_nDawn showed up late to the Supernatural party by eight-and-a-half seasons, but once she arrived, she was all-in. She is a Gabriel girl but will take Dean in a pinch if Crowley is unavailable. She is also, #TeamTruckerHat forever because Bobby.

When she is not sharing her opinions on Moose, Squirrel, and the rest of the gang, Dawn can be found working as a professional writer and editor, planning new burlesque routines for her alter ego Regina Monologue, and rescuing real squirrels (among other things) as an animal rescue and rehabilitation volunteer.

Her choice of sweet pie is pecan a’la mode. Her choice for savory is pizza because it’s called pizza PIE— thin crust, extra cheese, and for Chuck’s sake no pineapple.

10261991_10202448013774916_2123380028813809962_nErica came to the Supernatural fandom late (thank you, Dawn), but no less passionate for all that. She’s watched entire seasons in a day, and in her first watching, made it through all of the seasons (that were available on Netflix) in a week. If she had a choice, she’d happily sell her soul if it meant being Crowley’s Girl Friday any day (*sob*). Erica will also jump on the #TeamTruckerHat train because Bobby.

When she’s not giving her life to the fandom and all that entails, Erica teaches undergraduate history at a university local to her. She also works local renaissance faires, and in between all of THAT, she can be found on her own personal Hunt against infertility (because screw endometriosis sideways).

Were she in a diner with the Winchester brothers, she’d be asking for ALL the pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream. ALL OF IT. As for savory, it would have to be Sheppard’s pie, and you’d better believe that spelling is on purpose.   

Charlie in Charge

11053646_10152749649103053_8440538604568663415_nMarge started watching Supernatural very late in the game… like 11 seasons late. In a medication-induced-haze while battling pneumonia last winter, she needed something to watch and SPN looked as good as anything. Minutes later, she was HOOKED FOR LIFE and completely obsessed–“Dad’s gone on a hunting trip…” was just about all it took. She’s a Dean or Chuck girl, Gabriel curious. #TeamTruckerHat. Bobby is definitely Father of the Year, every year.

When she’s not hopelessly devoting herself to all things SPN, she works in academic administration at her local university for a diverse group of undergraduate programs and occasionally teaches Women & Gender Studies while pursuing her own Master’s Degree in Student Affairs. You can also find her spending as much time as humanly possible with her mini-me, her 7 year-old son. She has a side hustle where she sells jewelry, she’s an aspiring novelist, and she’s all around sort of artsy-fartsy in her spare time.

Peach Cobbler is the greatest pie (YES it is pie!) ever invented and she will choose it, if available, every single time. If it isn’t available she will likely pout over a piece of pumpkin with a load of Cool Whip on top. Savory pie is most definitely, preferably with pepperoni, green olives, and banana peppers.

Social Media Madame

Elizabeth aka Pimpmistress Lyzzie originally started watching Supernatural because she wanted to understand the GIFs that permeate every corner of the internet. She’s been a diehard fan since binging every episode in an embarrassingly short amount of time in 2015. Castiel holds the key to her heart though she would cuddle the hell out of Lucifer in a heartbeat.

When not playing Social Media Madame for this lovely blog, Elizabeth moonlights as an adrift college student with only a vague idea of what she wants to do with her life. She’s playing nanny to pay the bills in the meantime. In her spare time, she practices and performs a variety of partner dances with the waltz, tango, and salsa being her preferred variety.

Her choice of hot, sweet pie will always be cherry while chilled pie goes to lemon meringue or key lime. Her favorite savory pie is Quiche Lorraine.