“All we need is just a little Patience” Supernatural recap 13×3, “Patience”

Title Lyric from “Patience” by Guns and Roses

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We really aren’t sure what to do with this ep. (I vote cry, rage, and then pick up the pieces and move forward.—Marge) On the one hand, it was a really good episode, beautifully written by Robert Berens and a perfect setup for the backdoor pilot to Wayward Sisters, the much anticipated SPN spin-off. On the other hand, they fucking killed one of our favorite BAMF WOC characters, and they did it off-screen AGAIN, and they kinda fridged her AGAIN. Yes, her death was noble and she was bad ass to the very end, but it still felt a lot like we—and she—got screwed.

Anyway. So apparently there is a wraith (one of those creepy-ass human-looking things with the stabby-spiky-appendage that descends from their wrist so they can eat your brains. Remember the ‘Pudding’ episode – 5×11?) and he eats nothing but psychics. Real psychics, mind you, not the ones that litter every major thoroughfare of every street from the suburbs to the big cities, with the neon hands of fate and TAROT CARDS and quite often “for rent” signs, which always make us wonder how they didn’t see that coming, hahaha. But this is Supernatural, so there are real psychics, and he eats them.

DAWN: How many REAL psychics can there be, though, even in SPN-land? That wraith looks pretty well-fed for someone whose only food source is relatively rare.
MARGE: I wondered about that too but then I thought about how many we’ve seen in comparison to how many we’ve seen of other creatures… Seems like psychics might be plentiful? Possible, not probable?
ERICA: Y’all think of things much differently than I do. My main thought was “what happens when he runs out?”
MARGE: I mean, I think it’s just a taste he’s acquired. He can go back to eating us regular old humans, I guess. It just won’t be as satisfying for him. Poor little-dissatisfied wraith… Ugh.
ERICA: I don’t know though…the way he phrased it, it struck me as an addiction thing, sooo….
MARGE: Wraith rehab? No? lol

Back at the bunker, Dean is isolated in his room, listening to music, drinking lots of beer, and being sad in general. Sam is checking on Jack, who hasn’t left his room since they got there and he got settled in. Sam gives Jack the video message that Kelly recorded for him while she was still pregnant. Just as Jack begins watching his mom, which was so very sad, Sam’s phone rings.

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This psychic-eating-wraith from the opening scene is the lead-in for the return of our favorite BAMF-but-soon-to-be-dead character who is also our backdoor for the Wayward Sisters spin-off: none other than Missouri Moseley, folks, played by the inimitable Loretta Devine (yas queen). We’ve missed her and we’ve always wanted her back so the fandom was THRILLED to learn that she was going to re-appear this season. She tells Sammy she’s been out of the life for a while but now she needs some help on a case with which she has a personal connection.

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We’re just gonna come right out and say it. No point in teasing this one out. Missouri comes back for this one episode, y’all, and they kill her ass off in the first 20 minutes without breaking a sweat, breaking the hearts of the entire fandom and enraging more than a few, us included.

MARGE: I actually threatened to riot on Twitter… It was an emotional moment.
DAWN: I am displeased. Very displeased.
ERICA: “Displeased”….such a gentle word for the rage that consumes me.
MARGE: I also scream-tweeted at Robert Berens. Oops. Sorry, sir…
ERICA: Ditto, fam.  

So it was awful, it hurt, but did she go out like the badass that she is? Yes. Yes, did she ever. She chose her death, in order to save her son and granddaughter from the wraith because she saw that it was the only way they would live—literally she saw that, because Missouri is psychic AF, and she checked to make sure. And then she sends Dean into the fray, with the directive to save her family. So, he did. Kinda. Really, her family sort of saved her family, with Dean’s assistance, but we’ll get there in a minute.

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Missouri sent Dean and Jody to find her son James Turner (played by Adrian Holmes), and granddaughter, Patience (played by Clark Backo), and to protect them while she stayed behind at the murder scene of her protege, Dede, knowing that she was going to die. Then she basically told the wraith to get fucked:

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DAWN: Their last name is Turner, not Mosely. Rufus’ last name was Turner. Headcanon accepted.
MARGE: Definitely! I LOVE the idea that Missouri and Rufus were a thing… Maybe that’s why Rufus was such a hateful old cuss. He had an awesome thing with someone as badass as Missouri and lost it?… I wanna feel like they had the kind of love folks write fairytales about. Ok, enough speculation on that or I’m gonna get all misty-eyed.
DAWN: Yeah, I’m going to need that fanfic in a hurry. Somebody get on that.
MARGE: We should add it to our ever-growing list of things we want to write… LOL

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SO, Jody and Dean run off, find James and Patience, who Missouri believed was psychic before James cut her out of their lives (initially because Missouri ‘incorrectly’ predicted that James’ wife would survive an illness but also for fear that Missouri would ‘influence or poison’ Patience).

MARGE: Total speculation, but I think Missouri probably told her boy his wife was gonna live because she didn’t want to break his heart… maybe that was it. Geez.

Patience dreams of being attacked by the wraith and then goes to school, which is where she was attacked in the dream, and just so happens to be… guess what… attacked by a wraith. Everything looked a little deja-vu-ish, of course. Who would’ve thought? Channeling a little of granny’s badassery, Patience knees the wraith in the dangly-bits and then breaks off his stabby-spiky-thing. Signs of spunk—we like it. Patience is pretty cool so far. The acting could use a little bolstering, but we definitely believe she’ll get there. It’s hard to judge based on first appearances but who are we kidding, we do it anyway. Dean and Jody show up just in time to confront the wraith but he manages to elude them and almost hits Dean with his van while escaping.

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Cut to the Turner home where Dean, Jody, and Patience break the news to James about the attack and the likelihood that Patience is, in fact, possibly psychic (DUH! Missouri Moseley is like never wrong.—Marge) He decides it’s time to run, sends Patience to her room to collect her things, and then, gee, what do you know, the fucking wraith is hiding in the closet. Cue – classic-horror-genre-girl-scream and Dean, Dad, and Jody scrambling upstairs to find an open window. The wraith has kidnapped Patience so Dad uses a little divination he learned from his mama to find her… yes… the skeptical father who cut MISSOURI MOSELY out of her granddaughter’s life is like, meh, desperate times… let’s do some magic real fast to find my girl. Which is reasonable… but still. What an asshole.

Patience is in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, tied up, and the wraith is being a total fucking creep—talking about how he’s going to feed on her over and over and really draw it out… just…ewwwww. And then, what a shock, Patience has a vision… in which her father, Jody, and Dean all get stabbed to death. It doesn’t look like a vision at the time though, so yano, we think everyone just died horribly painful deaths. It was sort of awful but then we realize quickly it was actually a vision and Dean, Jody, and Dad are just arriving on the scene to save the day. This is the part about how Missouri’s family actually saved themselves with Dean’s assistance. Because of her vision, even though she is tied up and can’t fight, Patience is able to warn her Dad, Dean, and Jody all before the wraith can land the stabbing blows that supposedly killed each of them earlier. Dean manages to take the wraith out and Patience is freed. Hooray for happy endings… except MISSOURI IS STILL DEAD.

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Meanwhile, back at the Bunker, Sam is trying to “train” Jack to use his powers and Jack is basically a surly teenager who doesn’t want to do his homework. Sam pressures him; Jack freaks out; Sam leaves him alone to cool off.

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And then we see Sam, reading a book about parenting gifted children while surveilling Jack via his laptop, which honestly was the cutest thing ever and very likely caused the entire fandom to spontaneously ovulate. Even the men.

MARGE: That takes talent.

Sam is distracted by his reading, so it takes him a few minutes to notice that Jack is no longer on-camera. Cue Dad-panic at it’s finest from Sam Winchester. He runs to the library and finds Jack hiding in the corner.

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They have a heartbreaking talk about being different and misunderstood, how hard it is, and why Dean can’t deal, and honestly, Sam would have been such an amazing daddy and it’s horrible that he will (probably) never get that chance. *SOBS* Jack confesses that he already believes he is probably evil because his powers have never presented unless something negative was happening. Sammy gives him a little bit more sunshine and rainbows and Jackieboy seems to be feeling better about things.

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MARGE: Seriously folks, we talk a lot about Jensen Ackles’ award-worthiness, but for real Jared Padalecki deserves just as many accolades. He is just as capable of an amazing emotional portrayal of Sam Winchester and it hits us in the feels just as hard as Jensen’s Dean. This scene was so incredibly well done.  Also, while we’re throwing praise, Alexander Calvert, is absolutely killing it as Jack so far! Excellent casting choice, for sure!
ERICA: I think this is the point in our live-tweeting that I thought about what a good dad Sammy would’ve made if only JOHN WINCHESTER HADN’T DISAPPEARED DURING A FUCKING HUNT. GodDAMNIT John.
MARGE: I tweeted something about how Sammy and Jessica’s kids would have turned out. *crying in the corner*

Back to Dean, Jody, James, and Patience. They’re back at the Turner house and discussing the future, of course, because Patience has just found out she’s psychic… Dad tells her to bury her gift (proving that he has learned NOTHING from all of this), Dean gives the typical ‘this life is nothing but “pain, horror, and death” so if you’ve got a shot at normal you better take it’ speech, and Jody, (ALWAYS mother of the year even when they aren’t her kids) drops some truth about what happens when you try to suppress some part of yourself to please others. She lets Patience know if she ever needs anything, Jody is just a phone call away.

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And this is how you set up a spin-off folks! We are SO PUMPED about Wayward Sisters. Dean and Jody head out and we are left to wonder what will come of Patience Turner.

Dean returns to the bunker, he and Sammy briefly discuss the case and Missouri’s death. Then Dean asks Sam if Jack’s gone dark yet, of course. Sam confronts Dean about telling Jack he would kill him if need be and then we have another emotional brotherly battle because Dean lets loose about his animosity towards Jack. He tears into Sam about how he shouldn’t pretend to care about Jack since he only cares about what he can use him for. He says Sam just wants to use Jack as a “can-opener” to the dimension where Mary is trapped with Lucifer. Dean screams at Sammy about how he can’t even look at Jack because when he does “all he sees is everyone they’ve lost”. Sam remarks that their Mom took her shot—she chose her path. Dean replies with “What about Cas?”. Ouch. This is where we see broken-boy Dean Winchester at his finest. He lets Sammy know that the reason he can’t get on board with being Jack’s care-taker is because Jack is the reason they lost Castiel. That Jack made Cas promises, Cas believed everything he said, and what did it get him?

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ERICA: Let me preface this next comment by saying that I love Jensen Ackles and his acting–it’s exceptional. But I’m not gonna lie–I’m having a REALLY hard time with Dean this season. Like. We get it. You’re pissed at the world. We get it. Guess what, booboo, this is the life you signed up for. This is the life you dragged Sammy into 13 years ago. You flat out told Patience that it’s all death and horror and blah blah, and yet here you are, acting like you DIDN’T drag your brother into that life. Time to stop acting like a child. I expected this 13 years ago, but you’ve grown from here. Time to act like it. (Addendum: I’m also super salty lately, so there’s that.)
MARGE: I’m with you on a lot of that. I just wanna scream STOP BEING MEAN TO SAMMY in order to process your grief. I know it’s a normal psychological response, and that he doesn’t have anyone but Sam to take his frustrations out on, but come on man, Sam loves Cas too… Sam just lost his mom too, AGAIN! What makes your pain more important, Dean? End rant.

Jack is in the hallway, listening to every single word of this heated exchange of course and somehow, through his powers that are yet to be determined, he reaches out to Castiel. Final scene: CASTIEL IS ALIVE! We actually get to see Cas alive (at least he appears to be). We don’t know where he is, but he looks relatively normal, if a bit confused. At first he’s on the floor looking dead, but evidently, he is actually asleep, knocked out, or ???, and as Jack whispers his name, he wakes.

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We didn’t get to see any apocalypse world action in this episode, which made us sad since that is what we’ve been living for so far this season. We did, however, get the promise that it is coming via a few interactions on Twitter (Fan-girl Squeal!):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Roll credits. I guess there’s some hope left from this episode after all.

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