“House of the Rising Son(s)” – Season 13 Trailer and Sneak Peek Breakdown

Two official trailers, an SDCC trailer, and the “sneak peek” that was released and then promptly quashed by Warner Brothers (later shared by SupernaturalWiki.com here: https://vimeo.com/235442617). That’s a lot of Supernatural preseason meat to sink our teeth into. Let’s bite.

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Sneak Peek first! The Sneak Peek video was a lot of the official trailer plus commentary from the Exec Producers. We open with some ominous but rock-n-roll style music and we see Dean driving Baby, with Sam riding shotgun. Co-Executive Producer Andrew Dabb pops up to discuss the downward spiral in S12 that brings us to the messy beginning of S13. It’s a shit spot for our boys, transitioning from having family (especially Castiel and Mary), friends, and others (like Rowena and Crowley) to basically having nobody. Castiel is (apparently) dead. Crowley and Rowena are definitely dead. Mary is trapped in apocalypse world. And our boys are stuck babysitting Satan’s literal spawn, Jack, who appears to be hell-bent (pun intended) on finding his father.  

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Sam thinks they need Jack; Dean is all gank first, ask questions later. All the EPs weigh in throughout the peek—Robert Singer, Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming, Robert Berens, and Dabb—to discuss different aspects of the show and S13. We get official confirmation on Castiel’s return, with the caveat of not telling us “what shape he’s in.” Cut to a scene in which an incredibly dead-looking Cas is laid out on a table under a sheet; we know it’s him because they reveal his face. NOT OK, GUYS. But then they cut to a scene that appears to show Castiel standing near a tree and Berens tells us that we will see Cas in an environment that has been discussed before, but that we’ve never actually seen. WHERE COULD HE BE?!?!  So many questions and this isn’t even HALFWAY through the video!!!  

Next up is Singer, telling us about Mary’s adventures being trapped in apocalypse world with Lucifer. Who she happened to trap there. Without his son. Not good news for Mary, but no one seems worried and we are reminded that she is a very skilled fighter, that she is not intimidated by Lucifer, that she is resilient, and that she’s always been a very capable hunter. [Notice how no one said anything about her being a good mother? — Dawn] [PREACH! — Marge] We get a clip of Mary being confronted by a dude with a gun and his face looks familiar… COULD THAT BE BENNY?! We don’t know but the resemblance is causing TONS of fandom speculation.

AND THEN, WHO THE HELL IS THAT GUY IN WHITE?!?! It’s Asmodeus, the last Prince of Hell, played by General Hospital’s Jeffrey Vincent Parise.

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Asmodeus, or Asmo, as we are going to call him from now on, is newly in charge of Hell thanks to the death of our beloved King and the absence of Lucifer. There is some speculation about how “welcoming” he will be if/when Lucifer returns, now that Asmo has all the toys and is in charge of playtime. Power is a helluva drug, especially for someone who is already evil.

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Back to Dabb and clips of previous characters who are returning, like Donatello (the prophet from S11), Jody Mills, Claire Novak, “a new version of Michael,” and—get ready for it—MISSOURI FREAKING MOSELEY!! We are so excited about her coming back that we can barely breathe. We need her to tell Dean to get his feet off the table again.

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Missouri’s no-doubt triumphant return is the perfect segue into a brief discussion of the coming spin-off Wayward Sisters, which will star Jody, Clair, Donna, Alex, and Missouri Moseley’s grand-daughter Patience Turner [Turner? Rufus’ last name was Turner… — Dawn]. The EPs explain how the spin-off came into being and how it will focus on this world of hunting without the benefit of the boys taking care of business. I’m hopeful for some KICK-ASS lady hunter action but I’m still cautious in my optimism. We will have to wait and see.

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Rut-Roh-Raggy! They make a quick reference to the Scooby-Doo crossover episode [I am still holding out for Gabriel to be behind that one — Dawn], then end with some vague S13 possibilities. Looks like we’re in for another wild ride with our favorite “big, beautiful, lumbering piles of flannel.” (Crowley forever!)


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OK! On to the trailers!  In order of release, we have the following:

SDCC Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkWAS3geLrc&t=10s

CW Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXj6c7bmxII

CW Official Extended Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHLZc2ihNWI

The SDCC Trailer is a montage of tears and pain set to the whole 5:46 of “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica.  Watch it and weep… Nothing more to say there, really. Seriously—it is just scene after scene from the show, delivering nothing but sadness and heartache. Watch at your own risk (it’s worth the risk).

The CW Official Trailer is 41 seconds of greatness and is obviously contained within the CW Official Extended Trailer, so let’s just focus on that.

In the extended trailer, we see a lot of the same video already covered in the Sneak Peek discussion above. The mysterious figure in black at the beginning has been speculated to be our beloved Crowley. That’s adorable but it’s not happening. Mark Sheppard has stated in no uncertain terms that he will not be returning to SPN.


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Dean makes a funny quip about curly fries, which, interestingly, seemed to fly over the heads of some folks from outside the US. I guess curly fries aren’t as universally well known as Dean Winchester. I’m cool with that.


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Dean also makes mention of destroying the world… Guess we’ll have to wait to see what that’s about. Cut straight to the fighting! One minute and five seconds go by fast, y’all, and they fight A LOT. At times it appears that they may be fighting WITH Jack by their sides. Other times, it looks like he might be the opponent. I’m definitely curious to see how that plays out.

It appears that S13 Dean is taking the straightforward, let’s-just-tell-folks-monsters-are-real approach with the authorities. Yay for the police lady who actually called Dean a superhero! He seems put off by it, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

More fighting! Gun shooting! Fighting! Sammy brings the wisdom—a little wisdom that reminds me of Bobby [Team Trucker Hat forever — Dawn]. He reminds Dean that they’ve been “down before. Rock bottom” even and they always make it out. Dean is all get-shit-done speed and snark; Sam is reason, support, and brotherly-love. No big changes there. Asmo promises the demons that Hell is returning to its former glory. He seems to enjoy choking folks without touching them. Now we are going to call him Darth Asmo since it looks like Force-choking is gonna be a thing this season.

If the season is as action-packed as this trailer, we’re in for a fun time with lots of the evil-battling, monster-ganking brothers that we’ve grown to love. Grab the salt and the holy water. We’re in.


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